Men’s Desire to Increase Testosterone is Scientifically Explained!

What is Testosterone Responsible for?

Nowadays we know much about our body and its functioning. Modern medical science can give answers to numerous questions, which had been unsolved for centuries. In particular, the study of hormones let us understand why we behave in this or that way in certain situations, and why men’s behavior differs cardinally from women’s.

Men’s behavior and emotions are to a large extent driven by testosterone, which is also known as the male hormone. In particular, normal testosterone levels are responsible for energy level in men, their sex drive, their physical strength and muscle growth, their low voice and hairs growth and a lot of other purely masculine features.

Why do Men Want to Increase Testosterone?

Nowadays, when men are aware of the role of testosterone, they try to maintain its high level in the blood. Why do they do it? Well, there are few men, who don’t want to be strong, energetic and sexually active till olden days. Unfortunately, with the course of time, the level of testosterone in the blood begins to go down. Maybe, it can be explained from the purely biological point of view. Historically, older men do not need to be as strong and active as young guys. High sexuality is also not needed, as in the primitive society women preferred to have children from healthier, younger, stronger men.

However, nowadays the situation has changed. Today we live in a highly-developed society, and men have all the reason for preserving their activity till their olden days. And for this, they want to increase testosterone.

Interestingly enough, men subconsciously chose models of behavior that had a positive effect on testosterone level, even when nothing was known of this hormone. For example, men have traditionally chosen red meat, natural red wine, nuts, beans and seeds. These food products have always been considered “male”. This is an extra evidence of the fact that the strive for preserving men’s activity for as long as possible made stronger sex representatives do right things, even when they didn’t know how to increase testosterone.

What do Men Want to Get by Increasing Testosterone?

Today there is a lot of available information of how to raise testosterone, and pharmaceutical industry offers quite effective products for its raising. No surprise that many men are eager to use these products and enhance their masculinity. But what are particular reasons of buying meds and supplements for increasing the male hormone? It turns out that different men pursue different aims when doing so.

Most often men want to gain muscles. One of major online men’s portals says that every second man looking for testosterone pills is focused at body-building. An athletic, sexy body is a dream of the majority of modern men.

Another reason is the need for enhancing sexuality and treating erectile dysfunction. Men’s erectile function is dependent on his hormone balance: lack of men’s hormone causes problems with both potency and libido.

Finally, the third reason is overall low energy level, apathy, depression and feeling unwell, caused by lack of testosterone. Men buy it in order to feel healthier, younger and stronger.

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